“Shoot out at the Ridge 2023”

Good afternoon Members Our MDRGC Cowboy Action Group, the “Red Mountain Renegades” are having their big “Shoot out at the Ridge” occuring at the club on May 19 -21st and they will be taking over most of the venues, such as Cowboy, Rifle, Pistol etc. Check the calendar, many of the ranges will be open to their competitors only. This…

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New Photo ID/Gate Pass Membership Cards

Good day MDRGC Members Your new photo ID/Gate pass membership cards are now ready for pickup. (If you have already received your new photo ID/gate entry card, please disregard this email) If you have yet to submit a photo for your new membership card, you can do so by either emailing photo@mdrgc.ca or by visiting the clubhouse during hours of…

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Fly in Hunt Seminar

Our Club Hunting Fishing Chair is please to present : FLY-IN HUNT SEMINAR Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity! Pilot, Outfitter, and Experienced fly-in hunters will be there to present and answer all your questions. Lots of helpful info including planes, limitations, gear lists, prices, meat care, camp equipment, specific animal species essentials. $5 members $10 nonmember pay at…

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Shoot no Gong before it’s time

Good Day members ! Until the BC CFO approves the bunkers for our gongs, none of the much loved gongs will be placed into use! We have approximately a month until the inspection occurs around the middle of March. Thus the bunker for the gongs are off limits until approval The Gong in the picture above have been removed from…

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Life Membership Awarded to Paul Boegel

Life Membership for Paul Boegel At the General Meeting on Monday February 7th 2023, A life membership in the Mission & Distirct Rod & Gun Club was bestowed upon member Paul Boegel. Paul has always had the best interest of the club at heart, volunteering with our youth group, being at almost every volunteer work event at the club , running…

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Range Hours

Sun.:  9AM to 9PM*

Mon.: 9AM to 9PM*

Tue.:  9AM to 9PM*

Wed.: 9AM to 9PM*

Thu.:  9AM to 9PM*

Fri.:   9AM to 9PM*

Sat.:  9AM to 9PM*

* or sunset whichever comes first - Pistol Range excluded.  (Pistol range is lighted, so you can shoot to 9 PM daily.)

Clubhouse Hours

Sun.:  9AM to 3PM


Tue.:   CLOSED

Wed.: 9AM to 3PM

Thu.:  9AM to 3PM

Fri.:   9AM to 3PM

Sat.:  9AM to 3PM

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