You must have a valid membership card and your day fee payment – You will be using the facilities at your own risk – The club and its Executive Boards are not responsible should you become infected with COVID 19 – Sanitary supplies will be on hand to clean your shooting station – The wearing of a mask/gloves is highly…


From the Director of Communications Further to Wayne’s 06/01/2020 post, we have fixed a number of bugs and continue to address other issues. One major issue that is going to take some time to fix is the condition of our club database which leaves much to be desired to put it politely. This issue only really came to light once…

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Range Hours

Sun.:  9AM to 9PM

Mon.: 9AM to 9PM Closed

Tue.:  9AM to 9PM Closed

Wed.: 9AM to 9PM

Thu.:  9AM to 9PM

Fri.:   9AM to 9PM

Sat.:  9AM to 9PM

Clubhouse Hours

Sun.:  10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only


Tue.:   CLOSED

Wed.: 10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

Thu.:  10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

Fri.:   10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

Sat.:  10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

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