Student Under 25 – Renew 2022

$50 Expires: 31-Dec

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    • This membership is for Renewing Students *24 or under at *01-Jan, for access to all MDRGC Club facilities and ranges

    • Students must show ID proof of age as well as a Student Transcript from any post secondary institution showing school attendance

  • Existing Members who have not yet paid for their 2021 dues must pay the FULL Amount for 2021 to continue their membership and avoid going though Orientation a 2nd time; the membership expires yearly December 31st


Range Hours

Sun.:  9AM to 9PM*

Mon.: 9AM to 9PM*

Tue.:  9AM to 9PM*

Wed.: 9AM to 9PM*

Thu.:  9AM to 9PM*

Fri.:   9AM to 9PM*

Sat.:  9AM to 9PM*

* or sunset whichever comes first - Pistol Range excluded.  (Pistol range is lighted, so you can shoot to 9 PM daily.)

Clubhouse Hours

Sun.:  9AM to 3PM


Tue.:   CLOSED

Wed.: 9AM to 3PM

Thu.:  9AM to 3PM

Fri.:   9AM to 3PM

Sat.:  9AM to 3PM

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