Hunting 101 August 9, 10, & 11th MDRGC Club House on August 9th & 10 MDRGC Rifle Range August 11 6:30pm Monday Tuesday and 6:pm Wednesday running two hours each sesssion. This course is for new or relatively new hunters ( or if you feel you still have something to learn you’re welcome). We will try to cover all the…

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Skinning, Caping, Meat Cutting Workshop

An excellent opportunity for beginning hunters! Tentative Skinning, Cping, Meat Cutting Workshop. Club Members ONLY! November 12th 2020 @ 6 pm This demo is open to 10 (ten) beginning hunters who have not skinned, or cut up an animal. Covid 19 protocols will be in place, everyone is required to wear a mask, with 2 meter spacing required between participants.…

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Fishing Seminar   

“Fishing for Sockeye in the Fraser River”   Who would be interested in attending a fishing seminar where the focus will be fishing for Sockeye in the mighty Fraser? If we can generate enough interest we will be bringing in some experts from one of the local shops to speak to gear, tips and overall good information for you fishers.…

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