Range access restricted to MEMBERS ONLY – NO GUESTS at this time

Hours of Operation

The MDRGC Clubhouse and Shotgun ranges are open from 10am to 3pm Wednesday through Sunday. All other ranges are open from 9am to 9pm or dusk (which ever comes first) Wednesday through Sunday and 9:00am to 3pm Monday and Tuesday.

Safety First

Remember – the safety of yourself and others is more important than anything else. If you see someone or a situation which is not safe, please immediately advise a Range Safety Officer, Executive member, or any other member of our staff


The Mission and District Rod and Gun Club is a private club with facilities available to members and their guests. Membership is based on the calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Membership fees are not prorated.

Please read ``News and Announcements`` for more details

What is New at MDRGC in Brief

The club is now accepting new member applications

MDRGC has implemented phase 3 of the club re-opening but it is still far from "Business as Usual". We are still mandated as to how many members are allowed on the facility at one time, which is capped at 50 members per BC Health and WorkSafeBC. Consequently, we are restricting access to MEMBERS ONLY - ABSOLUTELY NO GUESTS until further notice.

Range Shooter Limitations:
SHOTGUN: Maximum 15 people
ARCHERY 2D: Maximum 2 people
ARCHERY 3D: Maximum 6 people
RIFLE: Maximum 9 people
PISTOL: Maximum 6 people
COWBOY: Maximum 6 people

Please see below for Range hours.

Effective August 15th, 2020, The Cowboy Action range Bay 1 and Bay 2 is available for use by members holding a SAS, IDPA, LEO, and/or IPSIC badge only. If you do not hold one of these designations, then the use of these bays is prohibited. Cowboy Bay 2 is designated "Cowboy Only". Cowboy Bays 1 and 3 will be available for certified steel shooters.

The clubhouse remains closed, with the exception of washrooms from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Wednesday through Sunday. Members are not to have any direct contact with staff. Members will not be allowed to sit down in the club house at the table and have a conversation with any other member. No gatherings or loitering at this time please.
The porta potties at the pistol range and at the rifle range will be available for use.
Sanitation equipment and solution will be available so that each member can wipe down the porta potty after their use. Please ensure that you follow this and ensure the safety of your fellow members.


Effective Tuesday, August 4th 2020

Monday & Tuesday openings.

On a trial basis for these two days of the week, the club will be open for use between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm. This is to accommodate a request from members whose days off coincide with these dates of the week.

All venues are available for use, other than Shotgun which will remain closed on Mondays and Tuesdays at this time.

The clubhouse will not be open, and the washroom in the clubhouse will not be available for use at this time. The Porta Potties at the pistol and rifle range are available for use.

The Gate will be shut down at 1 PM, this allows the members who access the range on Monday and Tuesday to have a two-hour window to shoot. No members will be able to access to the facility after 1 pm.

Please note this Monday & Tuesday opening is a trial, and we will see how it progresses before expanding any further.

Range Hours

Sun.:  9AM to 9PM*

Mon.:9AM to 3PM 

Tue.:  9AM to 3PM

Wed.: 9AM to 9PM*

Thu.:  9AM to 9PM*

Fri.:   9AM to 9PM*

Sat.:  9AM to 9PM*

* or dusk whichever comes first - Pistol Range excepted


Clubhouse Hours

Sun.:  10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only


Tue.:   CLOSED

Wed.: 10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

Thu.:  10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

Fri.:   10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

Sat.:  10AM to 3PM - Washroom  Access Only

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